Increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve service, be customer focused...

In this modern world  there is no escaping the need for change. It relentlessly drives a demand to significantly improve performance and to do so continuously. Are your people inspired or confused by this challenge?

empirical specialises in delivering customer-focused change management and business transformation solutions. Over the past 10 years it has developed the e-mpirical experience™ a honed and revised methodology that involves those who are at the heart of delivery and enables them to capture, evaluate and enhance what they do from two perspectives: customer and bottom line.

Working in partnership with you, empirical will enable you to revise existing processes, practices and systems appropriately and ensure your people develop the confidence, knowledge and skills needed to build an organisation committed to raising satisfaction, increasing efficiency, and continuing improvement.

Latest News

  1. news image 03.Feb.2017

    New horizons for e-mpirical

    e-mpirical engaged to provide 'insourcing' support for IT services

  2. news image 09.Jun.2016

    Social Listening available for Membership and Voluntary Organisations

    Following the launch of e-mpircal's Socialising Council Services - SoCoS, the same experience is coming to the Membership and Voluntary Sector

  3. news image 08.Mar.2016

    SoCoS services available for local government

    With a growing number of local citizens turning to Social Media, how can a local council keep on top of this trend and maximise the benefit of the fastest growing communication platform ever?