The fundamental values at empirical are:


These elements form the basis of client relationships and ensure that everyone receives the level of input, support and recognition they need to succeed. 

Our personal experience of leading people through change has ensured that everyone at empirical understands the confusion, distress and resistance that occur when demands are made of people who do not fully understand why they are being asked to change what they do. 

But change has always been the bedrock of existence. Properly handled it provides the impetus for organisations and individuals to grow and progress.  

Everyone at empirical knows that it is how you manage the change process that determines whether people buy in or opt out. With this in mind, core team members at empirical are qualified and experienced users of a wide range of methods and techniques, including familiar names such as Kaizen, Lean, SPRINT and PRINCE2™.  

Our philosophy is to use these tools judiciously to facilitate rather than dominate a transformation programme and overall to keep things simple, meaningful and appropriate for the individual client.