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  • empirical launches New Social Media Services - SoCoS

    With a growing number of local citizens turning to Social Media, how can a local council keep on top of this trend and maximise the benefit of the fastest growing communication platform ever?

    The SoCoS™ range of services from empirical allows local councils to understand the impact it is having on local communities by its use of Social Media.

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  • e-mpirical launches business modelling service to support Local Authority Customer Service Transformation

    New Year, new service: e-mpirical has started the New Year with the launch of a new service to provide a robust model of the savings possible from transforming the any Local Authority to a Customer Service led model of operation. Typically this can amount to tens of millions of pounds per annum.


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  • Transparency - Collection of Parking Fines

    In this article, published in Parking News November 2013 edition, Tony Worsdall, Managing Director asks (and answers) the question 'Are we right in our belief that increased transparency will help rebut the sensationalist reporting (of parking enforcement collection rates) and improve engagement with the public?"


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  • Data Sharing in the UK Public Sector, the Norm or the Exception?

    A white paper that discusses the sharing of data within the public sector is available


  • Can the Public Sector in the UK afford not to share data?

    A recent report by Chris Yiu at The Policy Exchange suggests that £33bn per year could be saved with better use of citizen data. But is the public sector ready to take a leap of faith and start using their own citizen data in a much more joined up manner.

  • Enhanced Bus Lane Enforcement for Reading Borough Council

    In 2009 Reading Bororugh Council chose to implement Zenco Systems Zengrab Digital Enforcement System and chose empirical to project manage the implementation. Because of the complexity of the parking enforcement systems in use by Reading, multiple technical partners supporting the network, the desktop office infrastructure, the back office system and the councils own ICT infrastructure were involved and empirical’s job was to manage these multiple partners against a challenging timescale.


  • Improvement and Efficiency in Parking Enforcement

    Improve collection rates, reduce administration costs - too good to be true?

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  • New website for Readings Local Strategic Partnership

    When Reading Borough Council needed to replace their Local Strategic Partnership website with a new site to make it fit for purpose for now and the future, they engaged empirical to propose a new design.


  • Skills for Care Management Informations System Review

    Rigorousley scoped, carefully designed and well implemented Management Information Systems can provide organisations with the informations needed to make sound decisions at the click of a mouse.


  • Berkshire Digital Learning Champions

    The Berkshire Digital Learning Champions project was an innovative community learning project that reached out across the ‘hard to reach’ communities of Berkshire. Funded by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills Transformation Fund, the project brought new digital skills to over 160 people across Berkshire.


  • NHS West Midlands

    Despite the complexity of having 45 Trusts at different stages of development in their operational and training programmes, NHS West Midlands now has a consistent, coherent and progressive e-learning strategy for the entire region.

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  • The case for Customer Data Integration

    A white paper for The Case for Customer Data Integration is available from here.

  • Engaging organisations with multiple needs and agendas

    National e-learning strategy for Department of Health

    Like many organisations in both the Public and Private sectors the Health Care Service was faced with the need to ensure the ongoing capability and competence of its diverse workforce.

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  • Bus Lane Enforcement

    Reading Borough Council, using a unique solution developed by empirical working with Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions and Computer Recognition Systems was the first council outside London to introduce bus lane camera enforcement.

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  • empirical helps Berkshire Disability Information Network go "on-line"

    Berkshire Disability Information Network (BDIN) is a registered charity whose mission is to "enable disabled people and their families make informed decisions".

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  • Disability Information in West Berkshire

    The DIWB was set up by a partnership consisting of The West Berkshire Disability Alliance, The Ormonde Resource Centre and Newbury College.

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  • empirical supports Lancashire Social Services

    Lancashire Social Services. work in partnership with a range of organisations to provide support for service users and their carers Their services "put people first- promote independence, opportunity and protection".

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  • Reading Borough Council embrace e-GIF

    Reading Borough Council wanted to ensure that it not only met the Government Priority Service Outcome target (G21) by 31st March 2006, but also that it increased the capacity of the Council to implement future projects that were e-GIF compliant.

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  • empirical supports latest e-government initiative

    Reading Borough Council have recently changed the way they manage on and off street parking. With effect 1st April 2006, all management and enforcement will become the responsibility of NCP.

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  • empirical helps Slough Borough Council create an e-learning environment

    Slough Borough Council, like many local education authorities, needed help to define their e-learning strategy. With much interest, and confusion abounding about e-learning, empirical were asked to use their expertise to help Slough demonstrate practical examples of how technology can help in the delivery of adult and community learning.

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