Tony Worsdall

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Position: Managing Director

Tony has over 30 years experience of managing and delivering major transformation projects across the public sector.

An experienced operational and programme director with a background in public facing service delivery, he has been responsible for budgets in excess of £50m and up to 200 staff. He has extensive experience of working with councillors, senior officers and external partners and is truly appreciative of the challenges that face services and authorities when they are required by central government to implement often confusing and conflicting initiatives. At the heart of all of his work is the innovative use of technology in all of its shapes and sizes to bring about major cultural change that ultimately leads to improved service and reduced costs. Tony has worked at operational and strategic levels in organisations as varied as Plymouth City Council, Department of Health, Reading Borough Council and Skills for Health.

During his 11 years experience as Managing Director of e-mpirical he has delivered a wide range of programmes within the UK, Poland, Australia and Belgium. Examples include the development and delivery of community based e-learning and e-government programmes for local authorities and partnerships, conducting a comprehensive review of the future options for learning within the NHS and partnering ICL/Fujitsu in the development and implementation of their community based, skills development programme, CyberSkills.

Throughout his career he has successfully coupled the use of technology with leadership and skills development to enable his own teams to deliver challenging initiatives and meet the ever growing requirement to deliver more for less. As a result Tony has become passionate about finding ways to engage everyone, regardless of their existing skills or confidence, with the opportunities that technology provides. This belief in lifelong learning underpins the company values to continuously learn from everything we do and perpetually stretch our clients thinking and ideas.

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