Linda Jones

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Position: Director - Transformation Programmes

Linda has twenty years experience delivering the kind of business transformation programmes that ensure organisations retain their unique purpose while adapting to the need for continuous change. Her background is in behavioural psychology.

An experienced facilitator and business coach, Linda has led senior teams through strategic review and worked with them to identify and deliver the changes to their business model and culture necessary to achieve their goals. She has worked across all levels of the operation in organisations as diverse as The London Eye, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Reading Borough Council and ebookers plc. This has given her extensive knowledge of the challenges and pressures facing both public and private sectors, and the difficulties people face embracing the technologies and changes of practice and mindset necessary to remain dynamic and continually improve performance.

Much of her work has followed merger and acquisition where the emphasis has been on increasing shareholder value and delivering ever more challenging targets. As a consequence, she has in depth experience of bringing together teams and individuals with different needs and cultures, and coaching them to use their skill and knowledge to address conflicting perceptions and agendas, build strong and positive working relationships and achieve joint goals. She is committed to leaving clients with the skills, confidence and competence necessary to thrive through change.

Linda set up her own company, Innov8 Ltd, in 1984 to deliver Interim Management and Team Development programmes. Her early passion for education evolved into her business purpose which has driven her work ever since, "To inspire and enable individuals and organisations to become their exceptional and successful best."  Before joining e-mpirical in 2004 she was Executive Director for People and Change Management in Chesterton Residential plc.

Whenever she can Linda is an avid traveller, fascinated by social evolution and how the adventurer in each of us has moved cultures and communities and brought us the broth that is our English language today; and fascinated too by the way that ‘migrating' grapes mature into very different wines depending on sun and soil and the passion of those who nurture them. Much like humans really!

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