Gill Worsdall

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Position: Business Administration

Gill's early experience, working for two major banks over a period of 10 years, gave her the exposure to dealing with people and organisations in ‘start up' that has motivated her working life ever since. The skills and behaviours learned in order to successfully solve the challenges of the majority of customers gave her the confidence to work for a company that was in infancy, assisting with their administration and bookkeeping and resolving many of the day to day financial issues.

After a career gap dedicated to raising a family, she worked for Reading Learning Network, a community ICT programme run by Reading Borough Council. She was responsible for delivering a Community Outreach programme to 12 community centres across Reading that provided high quality ICT awareness activities.

The successes achieved by this programme led to her being asked to take responsibility for carrying out QA work on the IT trainers at 50 centres of the Foyer Federation throughout the UK, and offering advice and guidance on how to tackle difficult problems and improve their provision. This experience enabled Gill to realise that the majority of challenges faced by anyone or any organisation, young or old, Weymouth or Newcastle are most successfully tackled with patience and a pragmatic approach.

Her combined experience in banking, problem solving and performance improvement gave Gill the skills and confidence necessary to support empirical's Directors during its inception and help them to establish the company in its early years.

As first contact point in the company, Gill's ability to interact with, and gain the trust of, people at all levels is an ever growing asset.

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