Our Work

At empirical we tackle many organisational issues including:

Corporate culture change

When groups of people come together after mergers and acquisitions there is often a great deal of confusion and conflict among the various parties involved. In this situation, empirical helps teams and departments learn to think, behave and work differently in order to meet the changing expectations of the newly-formed internal structure.

Organisational transformation and service transformation

Transformation is appropriate when constantly moving markets and customer requirements require radical change empirical works with clients at all stages of the change process, ensuring all stakeholders are engaged and prepared from the outset and have the skills, competence and behaviours necessary to transform their service or business.

ICT infrastructure, alignment and strategic architecture

empirical has been using innovative technologies to meet the demands of ‘more and better for less' for over a decade. We support clients in identifying the technology that will meet their needs and can be integrated with what already exists as well as providing advice on what to do, when and how.

Business process reengineering

empirical works with clients to map existing business processes, uncover waste and concentrate on what truly adds value in the customers eyes. We then help our clients to design and implement processes that will maximise efficiency and improve results.

Executive leadership coaching and development

Being responsible for a group of people is often considered a problematic, frustrating, even daunting task but when carried out intelligently it will be a highly rewarding experience. empirical delivers action learning sessions to build the individual’s competence and confidence as a leader.

Project management

Regardless of its size, value or duration, every project ought to have core elements in place before beginning. Whatever the scale of the project, e-mpirical has the expertise and experience to provide project management that is appropriate to customer need.